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(The FAQS)

1. What is this community all about?
[community profile] finishthatfic is a community dedicated to writers like me who have a few (or a lot!) of incomplete stories just sitting on their hard drives that they are having trouble finishing. With assistance from the community of writers and readers here, they will receive support and a list of techniques to help them finish what they have started.
2. Wait! This concept sounds a tad too familiar. Isn’t there another community like this out there?
For all I know, there could very well be many communities like this on the net, but our comm in particular was most definitely inspired by ficfinishing on Livejournal. We are just a bit different in the way we run things which you will find out about by continuing to read on...
3. Okay, but how does this community help writers?
A. We will have special posts about techniques that can help jump start an author's progress (and muse!) and get them to write new words even on long since dead fic.
B. We offer a supportive and friendly community that will basically urge you on when you need that extra push.
C. We will have fun muse-bitching posts, suggestions for (writing) stress relievers and also incentive threads (for example: if you finish your fic in x length of time, you may receive a shiny banner or something to that effect)
4. How do I get started?
Step 1: Join AND watch the community!
Step 2: Follow any instructions on any and all sign up pages
5. How long do I have to finish my story?
This is a two-fold answer because there are two specific programs here.
A. The Lightning Rounds - These will last for the duration of one month. You will be required to sign up on the first day of each month for these. You should try your damndest to finish your fic by the end of the same month. So say if the sign up begins February 1st you must report by February 28th (the last day of that month) that you have met your goal. Lightning Round “winners” will always receive a little banner to sport wherever they go saying something along the lines of “worship me, I rock!” (kidding, kidding but you will get a little banner for completing it!) In addition, they will make the Hall of Fame page and can gloat endlessly. 
B. The Tortoise Rounds - You know that little fable of the Tortoise and the Hare? Well basically it amounts to this:slow and steady wins the race. So if you have a longer fic or simply aren’t good with deadlines, then this is your category of choice. You will have up to four months to finish your fic (extensions will occasionally be granted if you run out of time!). Like the Lightning Rounders, you will need to sign up beforehand and if you “win” (ie. finish your goal), you too will receive a special banner and land on our Hall of Fame list.
6. Can we participate in both the Tortoise and Lightning Rounds?
Why, yes you may! You may enter up to two fics at a time so one can be a Tortoise fic and one a Lightning round fic. Alternately, you can use your two submissions for the same type of round. If you have two longer fics (for example) then both can go in the Tortoise group, etc.
7. I hate deadlines! Can’t I just update at my own speed?
Sure you can but you should consider that your fic might be unfinished for a reason. Think about joining the community anyway. Even if you don’t sign up for one of the rounds, the exercises and technique lists may still help you.
8. Does the fic that I sign up for have to be partially finished?
Yes. We are working on not starting fics but ending them so we can then start new ones with less guilt! (lol)
9. Can co-authors sign up to finish a fic together?
Yep! Just please only have 1 of you fill out the sign up form please so we all don’t get confused.
10. What fandoms are allowed?
Any fandom you can think of. From soup to nuts, its allowed. Since we’re not posting our work here (until you conclude a round successfully and link us anyway) you can write whatever the heck you want. There are no limitations.
11. What ratings are allowed?
G to Mature and everything in between basically. As I said, we won’t read your fic likely until its finished so no need to warn us in advance.
12. Is Real People Fic allowed?
Yep! I have no problem with it.
13. What do I do once I finish my goal?
A. Make a special post on the community shouting the news from the rooftops!
B. In that same post, feel free to link us to your complete fic if you so choose.
C. Wait to receive your special little award banner. (it will come in your PM box)
Got any other questions for me? Please reply below.

Date: 2013-02-09 03:10 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] snowynight
Hi! I would to join but I want to ask if there's still activities to be held.


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